Unilet Eco

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Unilet® Eco 28 Gauge Standard lancets are made to be used with lancing devices, to draw small blood samples for blood glucose testing.

Standard lancets such as the Unilet Eco are needles that are encased in a protective layer of plastic. Each lancet is loaded into a lancing device before being used to perform a small puncture or pinprick on a finger to produce a blood sample for testing.

 The gauge measurement is the thickness of the lancet needle, so the lower the gauge number the larger the puncture hole the lancet makes. Standard lancets are made for single-use only and can be safely disposed of after use in a sharps container. 

 Unilet® Eco 28 Gauge

  • A high quality entry-level lancet.
  • It has been designed to provide a comfortable lancing experience, without compromising on the blood volume

 When you buy Unilet Eco, you will receive:

  • 1 box containing 100 lancets

 Unilet Eco 28 Gauge standard lancets are compatible with most standard capillary blood lancing devices, including Autolet Impression.

Standard lancets are used with lancing devices to help make blood sampling as painless as possible. Once a small drop of blood is produced it can be easily placed on a strip in a testing device to get a reading.

Always wash your hands before handling lancets and your lancing device. Read the user directions that come with your lancing device carefully.

Remove the cap from your lancing device and load a new standard lancet according to the lancet device user instructions. Remove the protective cap from the standard lancet to expose the tip of the needle and carefully replace the lancing device cap. Select the depth of penetration according to instructions, and gently press the lancing device evenly on the fingertip.

Press the activation button and then carefully pull the device away from your finger. A drop of blood should appear on the puncture site that you can use for testing. You should properly dispose of your used lancet.

Unilet® Eco 28 Gauge Standard lancets can be purchased online through the Medical Shop for swift delivery to your door. 

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