Standard lancets are used in lancing devices to obtain samples of blood for testing. A needle, encased in plastic and loaded to a lancing device, is used to puncture the skin on the finger (or other body part) to get a blood sample. Lancets are measured by gauge (thickness). The lower the gauge, the larger the perforation the lancet makes, e.g, a 21-gauge lancet will make a larger puncture hole in your skin than a 28-gauge lancet will. The principle of gauge measures apply to standard lancets, single use safety lancets and pen needles.

Owen Mumford offers two ranges of single use lancets, Unilet® Eco and Unilet® ComforTouch™.

Both are compatible with most* capillary blood lancing devices, including Autolet Impression, which is also manufactured by Owen Mumford.

Unilet lancets enable comfortable self-management. They are suitable for any skin type when looking to obtain adequate blood samples quickly, easily and consistently.

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