Amielle dilators were designed to provide a gentle self-treatment option for women experiencing painful sexual intercourse (Amielle Comfort), and to help women alleviate medical conditions affecting the vaginal structure, following radiotherapy to the vagina, cervix or pelvis (Amielle Care). Amielle sets come in a discreet bag, and offer effective treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home, where you can dictate the pace of treatment. These products are also available on prescription.

For women who experience painful sex, it can present a physical and mental barrier against enjoying a fulfilling sexual relationship. There are many ways to overcome this. You may be seeing a healthcare professional experienced in sexual health matters, or you may have researched your symptoms and identified that vaginal training cones, also known as vaginal dilators, which are widely used for a range of sexual health conditions, can benefit you.

Products such as the Amielle dilator range can help provide a gentle self-treatment option from home. The range of dilators allow you to work at your own pace and over time, can alleviate conditions that affect the vagina.

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