Eye Care

Maintaining good eye health is important for everyone and using eye drops can be a good way to keep your eyes healthy. They also provide relief from sore or dry eyes. Sometimes applying eye drops can be a challenge.

To make administering eye drops easier, you can use one of the products from the Medical Shop. It can be difficult to deliver the exact number of eye drops you need, especially if you find it difficult not to blink during application. If you have any visual or dexterity issues, then using an eye drop device can also be a great help to better control the application and number of drops reaching the eyes every time.

Eye health is especially important for people with diabetes. Over time, high blood sugar levels can start to affect tiny blood vessels in the eyes, and this can lead to a medical condition called diabetic retinopathy. Having high blood sugar can also lead to the development of glaucoma and cataracts.

It is important to schedule regular annual eye tests with an optician so they can spot any problems early and can address them. During your eye test, your optician will check the blood vessels in your eyes for early signs of damage caused by diabetes.

Take a look at the eye drop devices designed to help you with your eye care. The unique designs have been created to make delivery of your drops easier. With these simple devices, you get targeted delivery of your eye drops with ease and minimal fuss.

The eye care devices from Medical Shop are reusable and easy to clean. 

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