Autoject 2 for Removable Needles

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Autoject 2 for removable needle syringes is an injection aid available to buy online from the Medical Shop. This is an injection aid that helps you to self-administer your medication when you are anxious about injecting yourself with a syringe or you are needle-phobic.

Autoject® 2 auto-injector devices are easy to use and have a unique design that visibly conceals the syringe from sight, therefore reducing your anxiety if you are scared of needles. The insulin dose is delivered precisely with just a touch of a button.

 The design of this injection aid also helps to control the depth at which medication is injected subcutaneously. The Autoject 2 contains a depth adjustor to ensure that you can set the perfect depth to inject into, to ensure you reach the fatty layer between the skin and the muscle.

When used correctly, this device can prevent insulin from being injected deep into your muscle where your body will absorb it too fast. In the case of insulin, this can lead to low blood sugar levels. Injecting into the muscle is also more painful, so this device helps you reach the perfect subcutaneous tissue depth for self-administration.

This device helps to support people who are using a syringe to administer their own subcutaneous injections in a simple, convenient and confident manner.

A large viewing window in the Autoject 2 allows for an easily visible check on the syringe and there are also clear audible and visual indicators during the injection delivery process so that you know the injection process has been completed correctly. The removable needle version of Autoject is compatible with the 1ml BD Tuberculin syringe.

The design of the Autoject 2 removable-Needle may be particularly helpful for children and older people to use, especially where there may be a needle phobia.

The Autoject 2  Removable Needle injection device makes it easy for patients of all ages to self-administer their medications. You can buy swiftly and easily from the Medical Shop.

  *Please note that fixed needle syringes are not compatible with this device

**Please note this device is for use with syringes. The syringes are not supplied with Autoject2.