Autopen Classic

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For diabetics, injecting themselves with insulin is a necessary part of their daily routine to manage their diabetes. Rather than using a syringe and an insulin vial, using an insulin pen such as the Autopen® Classic available from the Medical Shop can make this daily task much quicker, easier and more comfortable.

These types of insulin pens are useful for people with arthritis or limited grip strength or hand mobility through injury or other cause such as nerve damage. Using insulin pens give you greater control over your dosage and can be used one-handed by pressing a release button on the side of the pen when injecting.

Some diabetic patients report having an easier experience when using an insulin delivery pen over a standard syringe and vial method. Injector pens are also more convenient, portable and socially friendly as they are small, discreet and easy to use when on the go or in company.

Autopen Classic is compatible with insulin cartridges from Lilly and Wockhardt, and ALL major brands of insulin pen needles. This includes Owen Mumford pen needle ranges available on prescription:

  • Tricare™ pen needles
  • Unifine® Pentips® and
  • Unifine® Pentips® Plus and
  • Ateria® SafeConfrol® safety pen needles

 Autopen® 24 is available in either 1-21 or 2-42 units.

  • The 1-21 unit pen dials up in 1 unit increments to a maximum of 21 units.
  • The 2-42 unit pen dials up in 2 unit increments to a maximum of 42 units.

 When you buy or are prescribed an Autopen, you will receive:

  • 1 x Autopen 24: Based on your selection either 1-21 or 2-42 Unit
  • 3 Unifine Pentips pen needles
  • Adaptive accessories

Insulin pens are very user-friendly.  

Insulin pens contain an insulin cartridge and can be easily carried around and used when needed. Using an insulin pen such as the Autopen Classic is much easier than using a syringe and separate insulin vial and is also more convenient to carry around with you.

While the injector pen is reuseable, the insulin cartridge should be disposed of when empty. Insulin pen needles should also be removed and disposed of after each use. The pen needles are normally thin and short and help to deliver a comfortable and precise depth of skin puncture to deliver your dose of insulin.

The great thing about using the Autopen Classic is that it’s easy to use. You simply press the button to inject your insulin dose directly into the skin when injecting. 

To get the Autopen Classic insulin pens, buy online from the Medical Shop for fast delivery direct to your door.

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