Amielle Comfort Vaginal Dilators

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Experiencing pain or discomfort during sex can make you feel isolated, but the truth is you are not alone. Amielle® Comfort has been designed to help you take control of your pelvic health, providing gentle self-treatment at a pace that works for you.

The set includes:

  • 5 graduated dilators (diameters 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5cm, 2.8cm and 3cm)
  • Twist and lock handle designed for controlled insertion and removal
  • Detailed instructions for use and a step by step how to use video
  • Pre-packed with lubricant

Discomfort during sex is more common than you might think, and there are techniques and training available to help you. Amielle Comfort dilators are designed to play a key role in one of the most important treatment steps for vaginismus or dyspareunia, progressive desensitisation. In this therapy, dilators are introduced to help you gradually familiarise yourself with your body until you feel able to progress to natural penetration.

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