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The AutoDrop® is an eye drop aid specifically designed to help those who find it challenging to correctly deliver eye drops into their eyes when the body’s natural response is to blink. No matter what your age, sometimes it can be difficult to self-administer medically prescribed eye drops in the right dose because your eyes will automatically close as a protective measure to stop foreign objects from entering the eye and possibly causing your vision any harm. This can cause an issue when you need to treat your eyes with prescription eye drops to help treat a medical condition. By using the AutoDrop eye drop device, you can make the self-administration of your eye drops much simpler.

The AutoDrop eye drop device is reusable and easy to clean. The unique design makes precise delivery of eye drops simple every time. The targeted delivery system and contoured shape help to gently keep your eyelid open and through a unique pinhole design, helps to keep.your gaze focused away from the tip of the eye drop bottle. The ergonomic design and easy to use device means you don’t need to rely on others to administer your eye drops for you, making it easier for you to self-manage your condition.

AutoDrop can connect to most standard eye drop bottles. The design helps you to position the eye drop bottle nozzle directly over the eye without you worrying that you may miss your eye, especially if you have an unstable grip.

You simply clip the AutoDrop to the top of the eye drop bottle once the cap has been removed. The device fits right over the eye, and the special lip design holds the upper eyelid open to prevent blinking.

Developed in collaboration with the Royal National Institute for the Blind, the AutoDrop is one of the types of eye drop dispenser NHS England recommends for use for people with an unsteady grip due to arthritis or nerve damage in the hands or fingers. You can buy AutoDrop easily online with the Medical Shop for swift delivery to your door.

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