Unistik 3 Extra

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The Unistik® 3 range of safety lancets are available in the following variants:

  • Unistik 3 Gentle 
  • Unistik 3 Comfort 
  • Unistik 3 Normal 
  • Unistik 3 Extra   

These are a range of single-use safety lancets that have been designed to deliver an easy and comfortable way to draw a blood sample at home.

Available to buy in boxes of 50, 100 & 200 these safety lancets are suitable for regular capillary blood sampling, including blood glucose monitoring.

Standard lancets are usually supplied with your blood glucose monitor but may not be the best method for drawing a finger-prick blood sample when testing your daily blood sugar levels.

The retractable needle in these safety lancets will reduce the risk of spreading an infectious disease, which is a priority for health care workers and family members taking blood samples for another person.

Unistik 3 safety lancets are suitable for use in surgeries, nursing homes, hospitals, healthcare centres and for self-care at home. They are also a safe option to carry with you while travelling because you will need to carry fewer supplies.

How to use Unistik 3

Unistik 3 safety lancets are pre-loaded are designed to be single-use. Once the device activates to draw an adequate quantity of blood with a single prick, it retracts into the lancet body and cannot be reused.

These safety lancets have been designed to provide reassurance and comfort. Patented Comfort Zone Technology™ comprises a series of 8 raised dots are moulded into the device. These help to provide a sensation of comfort to the brain when using the lancet, and support a more comfortable blood sampling experience.

To take a blood sample, simply follow the user instructions that come with your Unistik 3 devices. Twist off and discard the lancet cap. Use the alignment guide to accurately position where the device will activate. While Unistik 3 is pressed against the finger, press the side-release button. This simple one-click action activates the safety lancet and keeps you in control of the sampling experience.

You can choose the Unistik 3 product option that best suits your needs from our online shop. Delivery is swift right to your door so don’t wait to benefit from using these safety lancets. Order today.

  • Unistik® 3 Extra
  • Unistik® 3 Gentle
  • Unistik® 3 Comfort
  • Unistik® 3 Normal