FRIO Cooling Wallets

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The Frio Duo cooling wallet is the product of choice for many diabetics, especially those who travel for a living or enjoy taking breaks away from home. These durable, long-lasting bags have served many people with diabetes well for many years.

The ‘Duo’ wallet is one of our more popular sizes available. It has 2 pockets to hold 2 standard insulin injector pens or 1 standard insulin injector pen + 2x3ml cartridges.

To work effectively, instructions for activation, use and storage of FRIO wallets should always be followed. Links to detailed instructions are available further down this page.

  • To activate, the inner wallet should be immersed into cold water as instructed.
  • Water is absorbed into crystals contained in the panels of the pouch, expanding into a gel.
  • The gel which remains cool for up to an incredible 45 hours, uses evaporation for cooling.
  • The inner wallet, when placed in the outer cover, should not be stored in a container, allowing the wallet to breathe.

Sizes available:

  • Duo: 2 pockets 178mm x 95mm
  • Large: 1 pocket. 178mm x 140mm
  • Extra Large: 1 pocket. 171mm x 222mm


  • Helps to keep medication cool
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Re-useable

When you buy FRIO, you will receive:

  • An inner wallet
  • An outer cover

To watch an online user demonstration, click here.

Ideal for when you don't have access to a fridge but you need to keep your insulin cool, the Frio wallets are the perfect tool to use as an insulin bag to keep your insulin pens and vials at an optimal temperature for many hours.

Especially useful for travelling, the Frio insulin cooling wallets are great when flying, camping, or when on a walking holiday etc. These diabetic insulin cases for travelling will keep your insulin cool and safe at the right temperature to keep it effective and usable.

Available in a range of colours, these stylish cooling wallets look understated but trendy. They don't look overly clinical to the casual observer. This means you can safely carry and access your insulin medication without drawing attention to yourself.

You can buy Frio cooling wallets in different sizes, so you can pair them up to suit your needs. You can even use more if you are going away on an extended trip.

The added bonus of the Frio range is that you can use these insulin bags over again. You simply reactivate the cooling wallet by following the instructions that come with your Frio wallet.

The Frio Duo insulin cooling bag is so easy to use. Simply activate the cooling wallet with cold water as instructed and it will keep your insulin cool for hours.

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