Autoject 2 for Fixed Needles

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For people with a needle phobia, injecting medication into their subcutaneous tissue can sometimes seem like a tricky task to achieve.

There are devices to make this process simpler. They can also help to make the injection process with a syringe less daunting, as is the case with Autoject 2.

The Autoject 2 for Fixed Needle Automatic Injection Aid is an ideal tool for those who struggle with self-injection. If you suffer from anxiety, are needle-phobic, or are worried about getting your injection right, the Autoject 2 is an injection pen that will keep things simple for you while keeping the needle hidden from view.

You simply select the depth at which you would like the needle to penetrate the skin, load the fixed needle syringe with medication into the Autoject 2 device, and press a button for a simple injection delivery. This device automates the process of self-injection whilst hiding the syringe.

The Autoject 2 Automatic Injection Aid device is compatible with most fixed needle syringes for subcutaneous injections include brands from B.Braun, BD and Terumo.

When you buy the Autoject 2 Fixed Needle Injection Aid, it comes with a protective cap and locking mechanism to control activation.

There is a built-in viewing window so you can see the syringe, and the visual indicators at the end of the injection delivery process to help you know that your medication has been administered.

 *Please note that removable needle syringes are not compatible with this device

**Please note this device is for use with syringes. The syringes are not supplied with Autoject2.