Rapport Classic (Vacuum Pump)

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The Rapport™ Classic is available online from the Medical Shop. This device uses a vacuum therapy system developed and widely used as a conventional treatment for men experiencing erectile issues.

The device works by creating a vacuum around the penis drawing blood into it to create an erection. Once a satisfactory erection has been created a penile ring is applied to the base of the penis to help maintain an erection when the pump is removed.

When you buy Rapport™ Classic you will receive:

  • Rapport Premier vacuum therapy hand pump device with pressure relief valve
  • 5 different penile ring sizes
  • Access to an animated demonstration clip showing how the vacuum device should be used
  • A full set of user instructions and sizing guide
  • Transfer sleeves in 2 sizes
  • 1 x loading cone
  • A tube of water-soluble lubrication jelly
  • All supplied in a discreet carrying case

The Rapport™ Classic is a non-invasive sexual aid for erectile dysfunction that has no contraindications with any medications you may be taking.

Vacuum pumps such as the Rapport Classic are suitable for men who have difficulty achieving an erection. The use of a penile ring for more than thirty minutes at any one time is not recommended.

While erectile dysfunction is not a life-threatening condition, it can greatly interfere with one’s happiness and personal relationship. Being unable to have satisfactory sexual encounters with a partner can take a toll and put a strain on the relationship.

There are many underlying causes for erectile dysfunction, many of which can be successfully treated with the right help.

Some causes of erectile dysfunction can include:

  • Anxiety and stress: This can prevent a person both physiologically and psychologically from getting an erection.
  • Soft erections: where an erection is achieved but is too soft for sexual intercourse.
  • Pain experienced with ejaculation: This could be an underlying health issue with the prostate.
  • Short erections: trouble sustaining an erection, or the duration of an erection is getting shorter, then this can be a symptom of ED.

You may also experience ED while you are on medication to treat another health issue. This means that your symptoms may only be temporary, but you can still use the Rapport Classic to aid you in the meantime.

You can buy the Rapport Classic from the Medical Shop for swift, discreetly packaged delivery direct to your home.