Unistik Touch 23G

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The Unistik Touch range is available for fast delivery from the Medical Shop. These are safety lancets which are fully enclosed, single-use needles built into a spring-loaded system that gets a finger prick blood sample by simply pressing it against the skin.  

Safety lancets are a good choice because they help to safely draw a blood sample while helping to reduce the risk of an accidental needle stick injury. This is particularly important when a carer is helping a person with diabetes to get a blood sample from a finger prick.

The design of these safety lancets allow for single-use and minimise the potential for cross-infection. prevent any reuse of the device.

Unistik disposable safety lancets are easy to use, effective, and are available in different variations, as seen below.

The lancets work by either simple pressure activation where you only need to gently push the lancet onto your finger to activate it, or you can get push-button activation lancets where you press a button on the top or side of the lancet. The Unistik Touch range of lancets is contact activated by simply pressing against the skin.

A great benefit of using a safety lancet is that there is no pre-loading required. The needle activates and then retracts immediately, giving you extra protection against accidental needle stick injuries or cross-contamination.

Unistikis a leading brand of safety lancets in the UK, and the Unistik Touch range is available from the Medical Shop. These lancets are easy to position on your finger and deliver a very comfortable fingerstick action. The self-retracting needle prevents infection or cross-contamination.

The Unistik Touch range is available in four different depth and gauge (needle thickness) options, the lower the gauge, the larger the perforation the lancet makes, which means you can choose the lancet which meets your blood volume needs.

The principle of gauge measure applies to standard lancets, single-use safety lancets and pen needles. Penetration depth also varies across different device ranges. You can buy Unistik Touch safety lancets by choosing one of the listed options from our online shop for swift delivery to your door. 

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