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The AutoSqueeze™ eye drop aid has been designed to help people to self-administer the correct dose of eye drops every time. This eye drop dispenser is especially useful for those with dexterity issues where they may find it difficult to physically hold or squeeze an eye drop bottle.

The AutoSqueeze can be used alone or in combination with AutoDrop®.

The AutoSqueeze eye drop device simply slides over the neck of a standard size eye drop bottle and clips into place to provide a comfortable and stable grip for the user. The easy grip device gives the user extra leverage and stability, and makes it easy to squeeze the bottle, to dispense eye drops.

The benefits of using this eye drop device include giving the user more control over the self-administration of eye drops with minimal effort. This is a very useful tool for people with poor grip strength, nerve damage in their hands, or arthritic fingers with poor mobility.

The AutoSqueeze is easy to clean, robustly made and reusable. The device uses an innovative design to help you to deliver the correct dose of eye drops directly to your eyes with ease and without fuss. The ergonomic design simply makes it easier to handle your eye drops bottle than holding the bottle alone and if you have a poor grip, it provides the extra grip security and leverage you need.

Here is some useful eye drop dispenser NHS advice:

  • Keep the eye drop bottle closed in a cool, dark place
  • Do not let anyone else use your drops and do not use anyone else's drops yourself
  • Keep the eye drops out of children's reach
  • Whilst rare, some people are allergic to some eye drops. Tell your doctor if eye symptoms become worse after using eye drops
  • Do not drive until your vision has cleared
  • Do not wear contact lenses whilst using eye drops unless otherwise advised
  • Use eye drop devices to help people who have difficulty squeezing the bottle accurately

Are you struggling with arthritic fingers or have grip issues and need to regularly use eye drops? You can buy the AutoSqueeze eye drop aid directly from the Medical Shop online and have it swiftly delivered to your door.