Lift GlucoTabs - 6 pots containing 50 gluco tabs each

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When your blood sugar drops too low you can develop a condition called hypoglycaemia. People with diabetes need to monitor their blood sugar levels to avoid this condition.

Symptoms of low blood glucose include blurred vision, rapid heartbeat, nervousness, aggression, short temper, hunger, headaches, disturbed sleep, confusion, shakiness, numbness, tingling, tiredness and weakness. Experiencing very low blood sugar can cause fainting, seizure or possibly even a coma.

Regular testing using a blood glucose meter is normal practice for people with type 1 diabetes and sometimes those with type 2 diabetes. Using glucose tablets such as Lift Chews can to help regulate blood glucose levels when needed.

Having Lift Chews always on hand is a good idea to deliver an instant, measured dose of glucose exactly when you need it. 

They are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Available through Medical Shop, they enable fast acting measured doses of glucose without caffeine, gluten or artificial colouring.

  • Each pot contains 50 tablets (each tablet contains 4g of fast-acting carbohydrate/dextrose)
  • Each 100g of Lift Chews™ contains: 1694kJ or 405kcal, 0g protein, 97g carbohydrate of which 92g is sugar, 1g fat of which 1g is saturated, 0g fibre and 0g sodium
  • Ingredients of Lift Chews: dextrose, maltodextine, carrier (magnesium salts of fatty acids), natural to identical flavour, citric acid and vegetable fat

Available in two popular fruity flavours: Orange and Raspberry.

When you buy Lift Chews, you will receive:

  • 1 pot containing 50 chewable tablets

Insulin shots to manage diabetes can also cause hypoglycemia too, especially when low blood sugar is caused by skipping meals or not eating enough food at a meal. This is why you should always carry a packet of glucose tablets with you.

It is important to maintain your blood glucose levels within a normal range. Many things can cause your blood sugar levels to drop to dangerously low levels, such as drinking alcohol, increased physical exercise or activity that causes you to burn glucose in your body.

It is also dangerous to drive while suffering from hypoglycaemia as it may affect your vision and concentration. It is wise to test your blood sugar before driving for an hour or so and always carry a packet of Lift Chews in your car.

Lift chewable tablets are convenient to carry with you and can give you a life-saving dose of glucose when you need it, especially if you cannot get easy access to food or drink to help raise your blood sugar levels, such as while out walking or camping in the countryside far from any food shops.

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You can buy Lift Chews from the Medical Shop for swift delivery to your door. Make sure you keep a supply in your kitchen cupboard so that you never run out. 

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