Unilet ComforTouch

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Unilet® ComforTouch™ 28 Gauge lancets are single-use and compatible with most standard blood lancing devices, including Autolet Impression, which you can also purchase from the Medical Shop.

Unilet lancets deliver a comfortable way to self-manage your diabetes condition and provide an effective way to draw adequate blood samples, quickly and safely using a triple sharpened needle.

Once a lancet has been used, you simply place the used needle tip into the cap for safe disposal in a sharps container, reducing the chances of accidental needlesticks.

Unilet ComforTouch

  • Unilet ComforTouch features a triple sharpened needle to ensure maximum comfort.
  • The cap of the lancet has been designed to allow the user to place the used needle tip into the cap for convenience.

When you buy Unilet ComforTouch, you will receive:

  • 1 box containing 100 lancets

Unilet® is available on prescription. Created for single use only, these lancets are compatible with most widely available lancing devices except for Roche Multiclix and Solftclix Pus, LifeScan OneTouch Delica, Nipro TrueDraw.

Standard lancets are tools used for taking blood samples for frequent and daily blood glucose testing using a glucose monitor. Unilet® ComforTouch™ lancets are an alternative to the standard lancet that comes with your lancing device. These are triple sharpened needles that are effective when pricking your finger to take your blood sugar readings.

Safety information:

You should never reuse lancets. Doing so increases your risk of infection. A lancet will become dull when used more than once. A dull lancet makes it more difficult to pierce the skin. Always follow the instructions for your lancing device.

Avoid accidentally poking yourself when trying to remove a used lancet from the lancet device. The Unilet ComfortTouch lancets come with a cap to cover the needle tip after use to protect the user from accidental needlesticks. Simply pierce the cap with the lancet before removing from the lancing device.

You can buy Unilet® ComforTouch™ 28 Gauge from the Medical Shop online for quick delivery direct to your door. 

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