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Medical Shop offers people with diabetes the Autolet® Impression lancing device for an effective, comfortable and efficient home testing experience as part of our range of innovative diabetes care products. Autolet Impression uses cutting-edge Comfort ZoneTechnology®. The device has eight raised dots at the tip that generate a comforting message that reaches the brain to help mask the sensation of pain created by the needle as it punctures the skin.

This innovative lancing device has been specifically designed to deliver a comfortable blood sampling experience and is a great solution for those with a fear of needles or who feel anxious about taking a blood sample.

For people managing their type 1 and in some cases, type 2 diabetes, taking daily blood glucose readings is an essential part of diabetes management. Blood glucose levels will determine how much insulin you will need to inject yourself with.

Your blood sugar testing results will also help to measure the effectiveness of your current diabetes regime and tell you and your doctor if you need to adjust your medications. To get these results you need to test your blood glucose levels daily using a lancet, lancing device and meter.

If you want to change your current lancing device, then you need to choose a reliable device that is guaranteed to give you a good test sample every time. You also want to choose one that is going to provide you with as comfortable an experience as possible. The Autolet Impression has been designed to do just this.

With the Autolet Impression, there is a total of 21 different depth and force combinations possible to offer optimal blood flow and comfort when taking your sample. The 7 penetration depth settings and 3 force settings allow you to precisely personalise the device for your individual skin type and sampling needs.

You can quickly and easily purchase the Autolet Impression device from our online shop and have it delivered to your door swiftly.

Your device pack will include:

1 Autolet® Impression

1 depth adjuster

1 alternate site end cap

3 Unilet® lancets

Instructions for use